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Who’s Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!


Headteacher - Mrs Marion Clist

Deputy Headteacher - Mrs Michaela Beetlestone


Year R - Teacher - Mrs Claudia Ashton, Learning Support Assistants Mrs Jayne Thornhill, & Ms Rebecca Barber

Year 1 - Teacher - Miss Kaleigh Anstee, Learning Support Assistants Mrs Kirsty Darby & Mrs Lisa Limerick

Year 2 - Teacher - Mrs Sam Britt/Mrs Krista Ford, Learning Support Assistant Mrs Kat Williams, Mrs Calli Middleton & Mrs Sharon Edwards

Year 3 - Teacher - Mrs Louise Sewell, Learning Support Assistant Mrs Tracey Irvine, Mrs Kerri Hiron & Mrs Molly Cooper

Year 4 - Teacher - Ms Sophie Pierce, Learning Support Assistant Mrs Karen Peers  

Year 5 - Teacher - Mrs Michaela Beetlestone/Miss Vanessa McBryde, Learning Support Assistant Mrs Wendy Maylia & Mrs Thelma O'Toole

Year 6 - Teacher - Mrs Vicky Hawkins/Mrs Clare Watson, Learning Support Assistant Mrs Miriam Bernice



SENCo - Mrs Linda James

Child and Family Support Worker - Mrs Dawn Bishop



Admin Officer - Mrs Laura Morris, Snr Admin Assistant - Mrs Janet Dean, Finance Officer - Mrs Sam Higginbottom


Lunchtime team - Mrs A Dunn, Mrs S Jones, Mrs S Blake, Mrs K Williams, Mrs K Molteni, Mrs C Smith, Ms T Seymour, Mrs D Cross and Ms W Panharn

School Cook - Mr Phill Hale


Librarian - Mrs Lesley Ward


Site Manager - Ms D Messingham

Cleaning team - Mrs K Williams, Mrs W Maylia, Ms T Seymour and Mrs J Stent


Your child will also meet a range of visiting staff during their time at Woodcot Primary School. These will cater for sports and music provision among other activities that will support and enhance the curriculum and your child's learning. Other visiting staff may also be from local schools and agencies as we work with many external agencies from within the area.